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DDA Cracks Down on Unregistered Supplements and Cosmetics

    In a bid to safeguard public health, the Department of Drug Administration has issued a stern directive to pharmacies, urging them to cease the sale of unregistered food supplements, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics containing pharmaceutical ingredients. The move comes amid concerns that such unapproved products may pose more risks …

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Nepal Takes A Step Towards Healthier Lives

Nepal has taken a significant stride towards promoting public health and saving lives by restricting levels of industrially produced trans-fatty acids in the food supply. More than 278 000 deaths each year globally can be attributed to intake of industrially produced trans fat. Trans fat clogs arteries, increasing the risk …

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  Words by Dr Niran Maharjan    Plastic surgery revolutionizes cancer treatment: From tumor-free resection to complex wound closure, it’s reshaping patient outcomes. The fear factor associated with the term “cancer” still has not decreased in the mindset of the general population as we can easily visualize the discomfort that …

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Crucial role of oncopharmacists

  Words by Sadhana Dahal  The pharmacist assumes the role of a health professional directly responsible for providing medication-related care with the goal of achieving specific outcomes to enhance a patient’s quality of life.  Rather than blaming anyone for the patient safety issues, finding out the root cause for issue …

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Words by Ojaswee Karki The first ever question Oncologists receive with a new cancer diagnosis has always been How long will I survive? I was overwhelmed, shocked, and devastated. Nobody in my family ever had cancer, which made my diagnosis more difficult to handle. After a final PET scan, I …

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Sweating for health: Exploring the benefits of Sauna Sessions

Words By – Sushil Thapa Cardiovascular fitness is crucial for reducing dementia risk, enhancing mental well-being, and strengthening immunity. The advantages of raising body temperature through hot baths have been established by various studies linking frequent sauna use to decreased risks of cardiovascular disease, sudden cardiac death, stroke, and dementia. …

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