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Laser Hair Removal

People have been finding reasons to remove hair on the face and body since the beginning of time. It’s no wonder that people have come up with countless clever ways to get rid of unwanted hair—as depicted in some cave drawings of people using sharpened flint rocks as razors and …

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“I think Nepal handled the pandemic relatively well,” says Dr. Digbijay Raja Mahat

Dr. Digbijay Mahat, a research scientist at MIT, has developed and patented a novel methodology for single cell nascent RNA sequencing. His technology is used in blood biopsy, which helps to identify cancers before they metastasize to other organs. During the current pandemic, Dr. Mahat helped develop a new RT-PCR …

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Eat, Drink, and be Merry… to live into your 90s

In 2003, a team of investigators from the University of California, Irvine, started a study of the ‘oldest-old’, people in their 90s and beyond. This ‘oldest-old’ group is now the fastest growing age group in the United States of America. The 90+ Study aims to help bring to the fore …

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Heart to heart with Dr. Shekhar Babu Rizyal

The pioneer medial educationist talks to Medicos Next about his career and medical education in Nepal as he retires from his post at Nepal Medical College after over 24 years of service in July this year.   Dr. Shekhar Babu Rizyal, Former Director Medical Education Dept., Nepal Medical College, did …

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