A City that is Sensitive, Supportive, and Cooperative

Kathmandu’s mayor is also regarded as the metropolis’s father/mother. This is meaningful. Just like the role the leader of the household has to play at times when the home’s electricity supply is disturbed, when no water comes from the taps, when there is problem with the sewage, when some member of the family is sick, or during times of school/college exams, similarly, there is need of a mayor (city’s father/mother) who can take on the responsibility of all inhabitants of the metropolis, regarding them as one big family. My view is that, service and security for the city and its inhabitants are the foremost priorities that the mayor has to ensure, and issues concerning health, education, and transportation are also very important.

My view of Kathmandu as being in a wounded state is based on the fact that waste management seems to be going in the opposite direction, and education, which should be following scientific methods, is instead ineffective, and developing into factories producing large numbers of unemployable youth. When talking about health services, one notices defeat, pessimism, and hopelessness writ large on the faces of the city’s inhabitants at not seeing anyone concerned with keeping under control the gamut of ailments that a person could face in one’s life, starting from a young child to that of old age, and not providing support in prevention and treatment in a holistic manner. The mayor has the biggest role in liberating one from such a situation.

Health can be categorized in three ways: 1. Health of children and the elderly, 2. Non-communicable diseases, and 3. Communicable diseases. Efforts should be made to prevent and treat diseases based on information and statistics as to what kind of diseases are spreading in our country and what their root causes are. Along with preventive methods and right advice about healthy lifestyles, treatment by specialist doctors using special equipment and technology should also be introduced into the country for the treatment of those who fall ill.

Communicable diseases are very challenging. We have recently been distressed by COVID, and we are not yet rid of it. What we have learned from this is that, we should give attention to preparedness. In this, Kathmandu metropolis can play a big role, because Kathmandu is the only municipality in the country that has no shortage of resources. However, all such resources have gone to waste in the absence of ability to use it skillfully by past administrations.
Another issue is that, our time is being wasted due to the lack of convenient transportation. The government has even put this minimum need of inhabitants in the lap of the private sector in an effort to avoid responsibility and blame. The mayor has a big role in altering the situation by ensuring that inhabitants are provided this basic minimum need using the government system itself. There is the possibility of organizing convenient and well-facilitated mass transportation without degrading the city’s beauty. The situation is such that, even with sufficient resources, no work has been done.

Regarding security for women in public transportation, the situation is extremely shameful, sad, and very embarrassing. Like me, lakhs of the city’s inhabitants have experienced the poor state of the city. Similarly, we should never forget the security and dignity of our elderly citizens. Among any place in the world, only in this country has effort been made to make the elderly happy by throwing a wadful of notes on their face, which has been degrading to their dignified lives. What to say about the metropolis doing work on age-related illnesses like being hard-of-hearing, difficulty in seeing clearly, sugar, pressure, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, depression, etc? They have had no time to give this even a thought! Similarly, Kathmandu is depicted as being very insensitive to the needs of disabled people, whose number stands from 15 to 17 thousand. Kathmandu must become a city that is sensitive, supportive, and cooperative to these disabled citizens, who have so far been completely ignored and looked down upon. This is one of the works among many others that can be done through our available resources.

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