Dr. Prabesh Paudel

Dr. Prabesh Paudel (PT) is a highly motivated physiotherapist who wants to help patients recover faster and ensure the quality of health/life of an individual. He has good motivational ability to drive patients to do physical therapy. He graduated from SRM Institute of Science and Technology, Chennai, in 2020. He began his physiotherapy career at Manipal Teaching Hospital in Pokhara, then moved on to Capital Hospital and Research Center in Kathmandu. He is currently working at Diagnotech Support Pvt. Ltd. prabeshpaudel83@gmail.com

Winter’s WOES

The U.S. Arthritis Foundation states that while cold weather doesn’t cause arthritis, it does make pain feel more intense. Low temperatures can increase pain sensitivity, slow blood circulation, and cause muscle spasms. Hyaline cartilage covers our joints in general, providing a smooth surface for joint motion and acting as a …

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Scoliosis and the Schroth Method

Scoliosis is an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine. Everyone’s spine naturally curves in a way that makes it appear straight when viewed from behind. Scoliosis, on the other hand, causes the spine to curve abnormally in S-or C-shape in children and teenagers. The bend may occur anywhere along the …

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