Healing Kathmandu

Kathmandu’s True Treasures

In the course of the exciting local government election hullabaloo this year, former mayor Keshab Sthapit disclosed in an interview about how, during his former tenure, it had taken almost a year to have a tree removed from the roadside in Tundikhel when the road was being expanded. This tree …

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A City Alive with Culture & Heritage

The vitality of Kathmandu’s inner city, such as Thamel, Jyatha, Kamalakhsi, Ason, Bangemudha, and Bhedasingh, in the decade of 2030 B.S. and the enthusiasm and optimism with which locals conducted their businesses and provided services to tourists has now withered down and become stale. Now, these places look like they …

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Venturing into Healthcare Business Abroad

Many entrepreneurs and healthcare businesses have the ambition to ramp up services across borders. Choice of the country is the initial and most important step as a foundation to this dream, and quite vital for the business and its management team. Spanning from Nigeria to Nepal, each country has its …

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Iconic Women’s Hospital

Background Paropakar Maternity and Women’s Hospital (PMWH) was established with the joint effort of Paropakar Sansthan and the erstwhile royal family in 2016 BS (1959 AD). Construction of hospital was started from 2010 and completed in 2016. This is the central maternity and women’s hospital serving people from all over …

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Where do we stand in Service Part of Health Service?

health status in nepal

Per se, the word ‘health’ stands incomplete, odd, and under-described, until it’s paired with some other word. In order to make the word ‘health’ complete, sharp, and meaningful, this word has to be appended with another commanding word, ‘service’, so that the sense is endowed with more power. This pragmatic …

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