Health & nutrition

Keto Diet Fad or Fact?

Would it be okay for anyone to jump onto the bandwagon and start a keto diet for the perceived health benefits and weight loss? While many medical practitioners recommend this diet program to their patients, there are many who are against it. The skepticism comes from the fact that there …

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All we need to Know about the Minerals our body Seeks

Since day one, we’ve been told to consume food that contains minerals, but what actually are minerals? Minerals, one of the four essential nutrients, are inorganic elements or compounds that are required for the normal functioning and development of a human body. They contribute in the building and repairing processes …

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You are what you eat, The best diet plan

It’s common sense that what we eat regularly is very important to our general wellbeing. Among the vast plethora of different diets, aside from them being different nation-wise, region-wise, local, and so on, there are also many planned diets that are practiced globally based on both proven and not-so-proven scientific …

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