Further Damage to Kathmandu has to be Stopped

Various political parties have been taking the responsibility of Kathmandu for the last 30 years. We, who have been living here for ages, have been seeing and suffering the mode of governance here. We know what Kathmandu was like, and how it is now. The problems grew, but there were no solutions. No solutions were ever brought forward. Why this happened is because some leader of a political party would take on the responsibility, stating that he would take care of the city, but he never could fulfill his responsibility. Kathmandu is in tatters due to the shirt-sightedness of political party leaders.
Kathmandu is wounded. Wounded—because the soil here has not been allowed to remain in its natural state. Water has not been able to seep into the ground. Houses have been sown where paddy should have been sown. A concrete jungle has been built that is asymmetrical, unscientific, and built without any plans. On top of this, government bodies themselves have not allowed open spaces to remain open. How will the city’s inhabitants get any happiness when there are leaders who lease out land for years and years, taking their commissions happily? The city is suffering from pollution. Waste materials emanating from construction works are spread out haphazardly everywhere. Due to all this, Kathmandu is compelled to live in suffocation. Actually, Kathmandu’s lungs are already damaged, the liver, too.

In addition, Kathmandu is known as a city full of culture and heritage. The statues here are part of the city’s very being. The ancient heritages are the inside and outside parts of Kathmandu. It is disheartening to hear /read news about some statues gone missing today, some statues stolen yesterday. There is plunder in Kathmandu. Everyone is plundering Kathmandu. It has been bloodied, that is why Kathmandu is wounded. Who has been working to save it, protect it, and make it healthy, green, and beautiful? No, nobody! Political parties have been enjoying the comforts of power in turns, one after the other. The ball never reached the hands of the people, and they have been forced to remain as spectators. They never had the opportunity of making decisions about their own city.
Stealing is the vocation of thieves. But, stopping theft is the duty of government authorities. It is a crime to not even know that theft has occurred. One can say that it is a case of being involved in the crime. Kathmandu is so small, and there are few exits out of it. How can large statues get out of the country without the involvement of all? There is no possibility of the city’s priceless statues and other heritages reaching far shores over the seven seas without the involvement of those in power. How much more sorrow will you give us , saying that you will do this and that in Kathmandu, you will make this and that, you will build view towers, and so on? Now, for once, Kathmandu should be allowed to breathe. Further damage must be stopped. Its former glory has to be returned.

Before starting treatment of any illness, one must find out its causes and know about its cure. The cure will only be effective if the cause of the disease is discovered. Wounded and sick Kathmandu has also to be healed. The causes have to be found. My conclusion is that, the biggest threat to Kathmandu is the lack of hygiene, because lack of hygiene leads to infection. Infection in one part can spread to another, eventually destroying the entire body. Likewise, our heritages have been destroyed. We need strong security to save our heritages. It is necessary to make Kathmandu safe, because of which tourists will feel at ease and find it worthwhile to visit this city. Our businesses will flourish due to the feeling of security. Strong security will prevent Kathmandu’s different parts from being stolen.
Kathmandu has also been severely damaged by the 2072 earthquake, which has affected everything from its muscles to its skin and bone joints. Restoration works need to be completed to restore it to its former glory by not degrading its character and proud history. In this, we find some unspecialized people and those without any administrative skills confused at times. But, there is no reason for any confusion. We have to restore proud Kathmandu to its former self. It is not necessary to make Kathmandu like any other city. It has its own unique identity.

Kathmandu is the first city to introduce Nepal to the world, the main entrance. It has to be portrayed as a lavish city, since it is the first city to be visited by any tourist. This lavishness cannot be depicted by marble, cement, and steel constructions; its lavishness is depicted by culture that is indicative of its proud history, and by its civilization and traditions. Tourists do not come to Nepal to look at development, but rather, to experience its culture, arts, literature, and nature.
By good arrangement of heritages, expanding green space and the flow of rivers, preserving ancient fountains and other heritages, Kathmandu can be presented as a city of lavish grandeur. Making the daily life of the city’s inhabitants more comfortable is another important issue. Transportation, security, employment opportunities, environment for conducting business, etc. will make life easier. The work skills of individuals have to be enhanced. The current wrong direction of development has to be corrected and made to go in the right direction.

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