My Pledge Sushil Thapa

This metropolis is sick, I will heal it and return to you a rejuvenated and energetic Kathmandu.

I am not a cadre of any political party, only a simple citizen working in quality management, who respects the nation’s flag and its citizenship, I am not indebted to anyone, and I have no compulsion to listen to anyone, other than the simple citizen.

Give me the responsibility of managing Kathmandu for five years. This metropolis is sick, I will heal it and return to you a rejuvenated and energetic metropolis. Like you, I am also one of the city’s inhabitants, a resident of the city for ages, who has been swindled by political party cadres for many years. I can clearly understand and feel the ethos of this city and its inhabitants.

I am a simple citizen who has always believed in hard work and created employment, whereby hundreds of families have been able to conduct their lives comfortably. Over many years of hard work, I have built a service/business organization that diagnoses diseases of the human body. My daily work life touches many lives, preventing and curing disease, without anybody knowing about it. I have now decided to similarly heal Kathmandu Metropolis’s wounds and ease the lives of its inhabitants.

Just as my organization has made it possible for Nepal’s health services to take a big leap in curing diseases by making available the latest technology from the world’s great research-based companies, I promise to root out this city’s sickness at its source by implementing practical plans to make Kathmandu a healthy, clean, safe, and great city.
The time has come to take good care of this city, which has been left in an extremely grievous state by the earthquake, the COVID pandemic, and the consistent and dirty give-and-takes of politics, and make it re-energized. This, I will do. Choose me to serve you. I have realized that it is not possible to do so by staying outside.
In order to heal the city and its inhabitants’ wounds caused by the dressing of politics on everything, and to make comfortable the lives of the city’s inhabitants, give me an opportunity to put the bandage of my management abilities and experience on the wounds. And then, stand back confidently and watch how I bring about changes to the metropolis every three months. Watch how Kathmandu will take a long breath once again and welcome us with open hands, as those of a plundering nature are completely discouraged from further plundering.
The results of my management experience and abilities will rejuvenate the city and correct the present corrupt and miserable state of affairs.

Kathmandu will once again be restored to its former glory by snatching it away from the grasp of greedy and dishonest politicians, who have failed at mobilizing so much of our own resources, making us beggar-like, and this city, unsuccessful. I have no other objective than to heal the torment of this culturally rich city, because what I have learnt in life so far is— ‘fulfill your responsibilities’.

We have to now listen to the screams of Kathmandu, which is on the brink of losing its greatness due to the assault of careless and toxic political shenanigans. Kathmandu is not seeking a transformation, it is seeking dressing for its wounds, and it wants to share its happiness once again with the city’s inhabitants, as well as with tourists, by being whole and healthy again.

How will the wishes of the city’s residents and the success of my programs be fulfilled? Through extensive involvement of all stakeholders, through consultations with residents, through mutual respect, and through transparent means. Problems can be solved by bringing together residents, stakeholders, experts, and technicians on to the same platform. Not by wishful and irresponsible means, not by espousing inappropriate examples, and not by big talk about bringing together heaven and earth, but rather, by adopting proven scientific methods to solve problems, and by starting work immediately, without any delay, on the following four primary sectors:
1. Service and Security
2. Environment
3. Development and Business
4. Culture and Heritage

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