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Benefits of Everyday Floor Sitting: Yoga Poses

Yoga in nepal

Words by Ruchi Adhikari Pant The concept of meditation, yoga and mindfulness has become increasingly popular in recent years. These practices have become a global phenomenon over the last several decades and are associated with physical, mental and spiritual well being. Simple yoga asanas have been a part of our …

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Music, Identity, & Mental Health

music health and anxiety

Words by Shubhanga Pyakurel and Kritika Niroula Music is a universal language that transcends barriers. It has long been associated with emotional expression and catharsis. Beyond its artistic and entertainment value, music has demonstrated a powerful influence on mental health, offering a harmonious way to alleviate stress, manage emotions, and …

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Losing Flavours

food losing flavors

(WORDS BY Anutara Shakya) Food is a universal language and this is especially true for our society that uses the term, “Have you had breakfast/lunch/tea/dinner?” as a greeting on a daily basis. The term is not just for asking if someone has had eaten, and if they haven’t, they’re invited …

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