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Microgreens are young plants that are grown from seeds and harvested just after they have developed their first set of true leaves. They are typically between one to two inches tall and are known for their intense flavors, colors, and nutrient density. Microgreens can be grown from a variety of …

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COVID-19: Chances of Re-infection

In the case of a viral infection, the body’s first protective action is a non-specific innate response, where macrophages, neutrophils, and dendritic cells slow the progress of the pathogen and may even prevent any symptoms from occurring. The next protective action is an adaptive response (cellular immunity), with the body …

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First U.S. Trial of CRISPR- edited Immune Cells for Cancer Patients to Gauge Safety

Based on early data from the first-ever clinical trial in humans in the US, genetically editing a cancer patient’s immune cells using CRISPR/Cas9 technology and infusing them back into the patient seems to be safe and feasible. Three participants in the trial (two with multiple myeloma and one with sarcoma) …

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