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Heritage Conservation, How to Push Efforts?

Nepal has had a rocky history of heritage preservation. On one hand, we have people commenting on social media about how proud they are of Nepal and its culture, each time a photo from the country pops up on an international platform. On top of that, Nepal’s vibrant culture, festivals, …

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Challenges and Strategies to improve Children’s Health in Low-Income Countries

Healthy children become healthy adults: people who create better lives for themselves, their communities, and their countries. Nepal is a low-income country with a gross domestic product (GDP) per capita (purchasing power parity, PPP, Int $) of US$ 1276 in 2012. The poverty rate has declined from 42% to 25% …

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A City that is Sensitive, Supportive, and Cooperative

Kathmandu’s mayor is also regarded as the metropolis’s father/mother. This is meaningful. Just like the role the leader of the household has to play at times when the home’s electricity supply is disturbed, when no water comes from the taps, when there is problem with the sewage, when some member …

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