Words By Dr Niran Maharjan 


“Plastic surgery is a beacon of hope in the realm of medical science, offering renewed confidence and function to those battling disabling conditions.”

“Nepal’s dedication to providing free cleft lip surgeries embodies a commitment to restoring smiles and offering a brighter future to those affected by congenital conditions.”

“Plastic surgery transcends cosmetics, restoring dignity, function, and hope to individuals facing diverse disabilities, reflecting compassion and dedication.”

Plastic surgery is a beacon of hope in the realm of medical science, serving not just those in the pursuit of aesthetic perfection but as a transformative force in addressing various disabling conditions. Despite prevalent misconceptions of it only being linked with aesthetics, it’s a field brimming with compassion, skill, and a profound impact on the lives of individuals grappling with physical disabilities. From congenital deformities to traumatic injuries, burns, and conditions augmenting mental distress, plastic surgery emerges as a Godsend, offering the promise of restored function, improved appearance, and, most importantly, renewed hope to the people for a life unburdened by disability.

When we think of disability, what often comes to mind is the myriad of challenges individuals face due to physical, cognitive, or emotional limitations, reshaping their interactions with the world and requiring innovative solutions to foster inclusivity and empowerment. The highly referenced oxford dictionary has defined disability as a physical, psychological, medical, or learning impairment that impacts a person’s ability to undertake everyday tasks. Many a times though plastic surgery is the only option, people oppose it as they have least idea of its importance. Commonly, people think plastic surgery is very costly and only rich people and celebrities have access to it. They think it is the field that only deals with conversion to a perfect physique. But its not true cause it’s the field that have helped millions to improve the quality of people’s life and treat the disabilities hindering the normal life. 

This article is intended to bring a new perspective of plastic surgery that has continuously helped people in need and lead the disabled person to lead a better life.

CLEFT LIP & PALATE– A deformity that is immediately noticed in the newborn as the split lip, alveolus (gingiva) and palate either as individual entity or in combination that not only gives the disfigured face but also impacts the normal function. The cleft lip that hinders the normal suckling act for feeding in the initial days if left untreated results in disfigured face. The cleft alveolus results in mal-aligned teeth. And the cleft palate completely demoralizes the individual with the generation of nasal intonated speech that could hardly be understood by the normal population.  These congenital entities can easily be corrected and provide a quality to people who otherwise could have a depressed life. 

Nepal has been at the forefront of offering free cleft lip surgeries, thanks to an extensive support mechanism dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals affected by this congenital condition. Through collaborative efforts between local medical institutions, non-profit organizations, and international support, Nepal has established specialized surgical camps and programs that cater to those in need. These initiatives not only provide crucial surgical interventions but also encompass comprehensive care, including pre-operative evaluations, post-operative support, and rehabilitation services. By eliminating the financial barriers associated with these surgeries, Nepal’s commitment to providing free cleft lip surgeries signifies a profound dedication to ensuring accessibility to quality healthcare, restoring smiles, and offering a brighter future for those affected by this condition.

CONJOINED TWINS – We hear the delivery of twins who have been together as any part of them being attached together and even the complex attachment being separated with long tiring surgeries. These are possible with the plastic surgery that has been viewed as the God’s gift creating wonders in the sibling’s and their parent’s lives.

WEBBED OR FUSED FINGERS – A deformity that is also noticed at the time of birth where the fingers and toes are fused together in simple or complex form can also be corrected with the plastic surgery giving the person normal appearing hands and feet.

OTHER CONGENITAL DEFORMITIES – Congenital deformities like amniotic band syndrome, ear deformities or malformation, craniosynostosis (abnormal bone fusion of head), hypospadias (abnormal opening of urethra), limb deformities and many more are dealt and treated by plastic surgery to lead a better life.

BURNS – Any type of burn that leads to a disabled life is treated by the plastic surgeons. The primary, secondary and tertiary level of burn related disabilities are not just dealt but effectively managed to add quality and prevent further disability in the victim’s life.


TRAUMA – Any accidents like motor-vehicle related accidents, human bites, or animal bites that could result in disabilities could be treated or dealt for the better result by the plastic surgery. Even if presented on time then the completely amputated limbs could be salvaged and reimplanted. 

CONDITIONS AUGMENTING DEPRESSION – Scars, hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating), bromohidrosis (stinky axilla), gynaecomastia (male breast), Breast ptosis and hypermastia (enlarged breast), flappy skin causing disfigurement, Malignancy (Cancer), Small sized penis and enlarged vaginal opening, and many more conditions that not just adds stress in one’s life but slowly drowns in the sea of depression could be treated by plastic surgery so that one can lead a better and qualitative life after the treatment.


In conclusion, the canvas of plastic surgery is painted with stories of transformation and resilience. It is a discipline that transcends mere cosmetic enhancements, delving deep into the realm of healing and restoring dignity to those battling various disabilities. As we’ve glimpsed through this exploration of plastic surgery’s role in addressing disabilities, from correcting congenital deformities to restoring function after trauma, it becomes abundantly clear that its significance extends far beyond the pursuit of physical perfection. It’s a testament of compassion, and the unwavering commitment of skilled professionals in providing individuals with a chance at a better, more fulfilling life. While this article merely scratches the surface of the vast spectrum of conditions treated by plastic surgery, it serves as a reminder of the immense impact this field holds in alleviating the burdens of disability and paving the path towards a brighter, more inclusive future.

Closing Statement – This article never intended to incorporate each and every disabling condition that could be treated by the plastic surgery. The main aim was to highlight the importance and demonstrate the weight that plastic surgery carry in decreasing the burden of the disability.

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